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Cemetery ID: 10360
Cemetery Name: Kaharlyk Jewish Cemetery
Address 1: 
Address 2:  
Details Of Access: The cemetery can be accessed as follows: Travel about 2 km from the centre of Kaharlyk along ul. Kommunisticheskaya, to the north to ul. Pervomayskaya. Behind the crushing-and-screening plant turn to the west and continue for 500m, then 500m to the south. The cemetery is situated in the bushes behind the oil depot.
City/Town/Village Name: Kaharlyk
Alternative Names: Kagareyk (Alternative Name), Kahorlik (Polish), Кагарлик - Kaharlyk (Ukrainian), Кагарлык - Kagarlyk (Russian)
District: Kaharlytskyi Raion
Region: Kyiv Oblast
Country: Ukraine
Date Cemetery Established/Date of Mass Grave: 1847
Currently in Use: No
Record Last Changed: 09/09/09
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