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Cemetery ID: 11287
Cemetery Name: Milocice Jewish Cemetery
Address 1: To get to the necropolis you need to follow signs Milocice after leaving Bierutow. Just after entering village turn left. Few hundreds meters further the main road turns right but you should continue going straight on. When you pass the last house on your right side turn right as well and go along the border of the forest and field on your left side. When you reach the fork take the path ahead. Two hundreds meters further you find cemetery on your left side on the top of the hill.
Address 2:  
Details Of Access: 
City/Town/Village Name: Milocice
Alternative Names: Miłocice (Polish)
District: Oława County
Region: Lower Silesian Voivodeship
Country: Poland
Date Cemetery Established/Date of Mass Grave:  
Currently in Use:  
Record Last Changed: 24/08/09
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