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Cemetery ID: 946
Cemetery Name: Krzepice Jewish Cemetery
Address 1: To the East of town, near the Liswarta River railway bridge; close to ruins of the synagogue.
Address 2: Nadrzeczna Street Krzepice
Details Of Access: Close to cemetery are ruins of synagogue. It is the best place to leave car and go by Nadrzeczna street. Dirt road goes through field with small forest on the left. In that forest is the cemetery.
City/Town/Village Name: Krzepice
Alternative Names: Kschepitz (German), קז'אפיצה (Yiddish)
District: Klobuck County
Region: Silesian Voivodeship
Country: Poland
Date Cemetery Established/Date of Mass Grave:  
Currently in Use: No
Record Last Changed: 28/08/12
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