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Collapse panel 1. Cemetery Location & Access
Cemetery ID:  10158
Cemetery Name:  Oster Jewish Cemetery
Location Vis-À-Vis Above Named Town:   
Address 1:  Lenina Street, 59
Address 2: 
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Accessed By:   
Details Of Access:  Near the bus station
Area Map: 
Cemetery Opening Hours:  open all the time
Currently In Use:  Yes
Collapse panel 2. Information on the Jewish Community
City/Town/Village Name:  Oster
Alternative Names:  Oster (German), Ostor (Yiddish), Ostr (Polish), Остер (Ukrainian), Остер - Oster (Russian), Старогородка - Starogorodka (Old Name)
Country:  Ukraine
Region:  Kozeletskyi Raion - Chernihiv Oblast
Latitude:  50.95 
Longitude: 30.883333 
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Current General Population:  5000 - 10000
Current Jewish Population:  10 - 1000
Jews Of This Town Buried Elsewhere:   
Date Earliest Known Jewish Community:  late 18th - early 19th century
Date Last Known Jewish Community:   
Jewish Population Before World War II:  10 - 1000
Noteworthy Historical Events Involving
Or Affecting The Jewish Community:  Jews have lived in Oster since the 18th century. In 1847, 633 Jews lived there, in 1862 - 259 Jews (623 men and 636 women), in 1897 - 1596 (29%), in 1910 - 1,582 (accounting for 18.53% of the total population), in 1920 - 1523, in 1923 - 1,479. In 1862, there was a wooden synagogue in Oster; in 1867 - two synagogues; in 1886 - four synagogues, of which two were of stone and two of wood. From 1910, a Jewish cemetery operated. In 1913, Jews owned a warehouse of pharmacy products, the only hotel, the only inn, over 50 shops and stores in Oster (including 11 selling manufactured goods, all six specialist stores, and all nine grain suppliers). In 1923, the towns spiritual leader, Rabbi Girzel was arrested.
A notable decrease in the number of Jews took place within the 20 years between the Civil War and World War II, for various reasons, but mainly because of the impoverishment of the Jewish population after the pogroms of 1919-1920. Thus many Jews had to move to larger cities and many assimilated.
On September 9, 1941, the Red Army retreated from Oster and on October 29, a detachment of Sonderkommando 4a shot 215 Jews, partisans and communists in the town. On November 7, 1941 another took place with 30 Jews and partisans killed.
During the war, 17% of the district population were killed. 83% of the total number of victims were Jews.
Jews From This Town Are Also Known
To Be Buried In:   
Jews From This Town Are Also Known
To Be Buried Comments: 
Jewish Community Denomination/s:   
Notable Natives Of The Local Jewish Community:  David Chaimovich Shapiro, a tzaddik.
Additional Comments: 
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Collapse panel 3. Location, Markers, Access & Security
Description Of Cemetery Location:  urban
Situated:  on flat land
Isolation Detail:  isolated
Additional Details: 
Road / Entrance Sign:  No
Language Of Sign:   
Sign Text:   
Photo Of Sign: 
Identifiable Features On Sign:   
The Sign Mentions:   
Cemetery Entrance:  a gate that does not lock
Inscription On:   
Inscription Text: 
Cemetery Boundary:  iron fence
Additional Comments:  There is a ditch at the site which is used as a waste dump.
Access:  open to all
The Cemetery Is Visited:   
Visited By:   
Current Owner Of Cemetery:  Local Municipality
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Collapse panel 4. Current Use / Condition Status / Cemetery Specific Characteristics
Collapse panel 5. Tombstones, Memorial Markers & Structures
Collapse panel 6. Burials Register
Collapse panel 7. Ecological Decay & Vandalism
Collapse panel 8. Maintenance & Restoration
Collapse panel 9. Protected Status
Collapse panel 10. Condition Report
Collapse panel 11. Details of Data Sources
Collapse panel 12. Additional Information

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