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Collapse panel 1. Cemetery Location & Access
Cemetery ID:  11709
Cemetery Name:  Gora Kalwaria Mass Grave
Location Vis-À-Vis Above Named Town:   
Address 1:  At the Jewish cemetery - Kalwaryjska St.
Address 2: 
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Accessed By:   
Details Of Access: 
Area Map: 
Cemetery Opening Hours: 
Currently In Use:   
Collapse panel 2. Information on the Jewish Community
City/Town/Village Name:  Gora Kalwaria
Alternative Names:  Ger (English), Góra Kalwaria (Polish), גור, גורה קאלוואריה (Yiddish), גער (Yiddish)
Country:  Poland
Region:  Piaseczno County - Masovian Voivodeship
Latitude:  51.973333 
Longitude: 21.214444 
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Current General Population:  10000 - 25000
Current Jewish Population:  Less than 10
Jews Of This Town Buried Elsewhere:   
Date Earliest Known Jewish Community:   
Date Last Known Jewish Community:   
Jewish Population Before World War II:   
Noteworthy Historical Events Involving
Or Affecting The Jewish Community:  The
first recorded presence of Jews in
Góra Kalwaria is in 1802. In 1859,
Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Alter (1789-1866)
settled in the town and established
the Gur hasidic dynasty. The Gerer
hasidim became the largest hasidic
group in the world before WWII. In
1921, there were 2,961 Jews living in
Góra Kalwaria, constituting 54% of
the population. In February 1940 the
Jews of Góra Kalwaria and of nearby
towns were confined into a ghetto.
They were murdered in Treblinka in
Jews From This Town Are Also Known
To Be Buried In:   
Jews From This Town Are Also Known
To Be Buried Comments: 
Jewish Community Denomination/s:   
Notable Natives Of The Local Jewish Community:  Wolf Messing

Józef Chacinski

Rebbes of the Ger (Alter family):

Yitzchak Meir Alter

Yehudah Aryeh Leib Alter

Avraham Mordechai Alter

Yisrael Alter
Additional Comments: 
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Collapse panel 3. Location, Markers, Access & Security
Description Of Cemetery Location:   
Isolation Detail:   
Additional Details: 
Road / Entrance Sign:   
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Sign Text:   
Photo Of Sign: 
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The Sign Mentions:   
Cemetery Entrance:   
Inscription On:   
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Cemetery Boundary:   
Additional Comments: 
The Cemetery Is Visited:   
Visited By:   
Current Owner Of Cemetery:   
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Collapse panel 4. Current Use / Condition Status / Cemetery Specific Characteristics
Collapse panel 5. Tombstones, Memorial Markers & Structures
Collapse panel 6. Burials Register
Collapse panel 7. Ecological Decay & Vandalism
Collapse panel 8. Maintenance & Restoration
Collapse panel 9. Protected Status
Collapse panel 10. Condition Report
Collapse panel 11. Details of Data Sources
Collapse panel 12. Additional Information

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