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Collapse panel 1. Cemetery Location & Access
Cemetery ID:  12002
Cemetery Name:  Katerynopil Jewish Cemetery
Location Vis-À-Vis Above Named Town:  Within town
Address 1: 
Address 2: 
Latitude:  48.834328 
Longitude:  30.968167 
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Accessed By:   
Details Of Access:  The cemetery is located behind the entrance sign to Katerynopil’, along the Zvenyhorodka-Katerynopil’ highway.
Area Map: 
Cemetery Opening Hours:  open all the time
Currently In Use:  No
Collapse panel 2. Information on the Jewish Community
City/Town/Village Name:  Katerynopil
Alternative Names:  Ekaterinopol', Yekaterinopol', Yekaterynopol (Alternative Name), Ekaterynopol (Polish), Jekaterinopol, Kal'niboloto, Ekaterinople (Alternative Name), Калниболото, Kalniboloto (Old Name), Катеринопіль (Ukrainian), Катеринополь, Katerinopol' (Russian)
Country:  Ukraine
Region:  Katerynopilskyi Raion - Cherkasy Oblast
Latitude:  48.947394 
Longitude: 30.962458 
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Current General Population:  5000 - 10000
Current Jewish Population:  None
Jews Of This Town Buried Elsewhere:   
Date Earliest Known Jewish Community:  17th century
Date Last Known Jewish Community:   
Jewish Population Before World War II:  10 - 1000
Noteworthy Historical Events Involving
Or Affecting The Jewish Community:  Jews in Katerynopil were first mentioned in the 17th century. During the 17th and 18th centuries, Jews were repeatedly victims of pogroms. In 1797, 1,360 Jews lived in Katerynopil. The key occupations of the Jewish population in the late 18th century were agriculture, handicraft and trade. In 1847, there were 1,077 Jews in the town, in 1897, the Jewish population grew to 1,980 inhabitants (27.5%). In 1865, the village had two synagogues and the rabbi was Avrum-Itsko Nuhimovich Polonsky.
On September 6-13, 1919 there was a pogrom in Katerynopil organized by detachments of the Volunteer Army and Jewish homes were looted and destroyed. The official rabbi of Katerynopil who witnessed the pogroms said that there was a campaign aimed at evicting the Jews from the town. The number of victims could not be determined.
In the 1930's, Katerynopil was the centre of the local Jewish village council and there was a school with instruction in Yiddish. In 1926, expatriates from Katerynopil founded a Jewish collective farm "Trotsky" (51 people).
According to the Russian Jewish Encyclopedia, in 1920 the Jewish population of Katerynopil numbered 1,260 people, and in 1927 - 1587 people.
On July 29, 1941, Katerynopil was occupied by Nazi soldiers. Lootings and pogroms began and a selection took place. The elderly, sick and women with children were sent to a camp for the disabled in Zvenyhorodka. A labour camp was established near the station. On October 6, the first mass execution took place, communists and Jews were killed. Prisoners in Zvenygorodska camp were shot in April 1942. According to the memoirs of the Holocaust survivor Sonia Diamond: "In the autumn of 1942, they shot everybody – the Jews from Yekaterinopol, Zvenyhorodka and Shpola - 2,000 people." According to the Russian Jewish Encyclopedia, a part of the Jewish population was destroyed in October 1941. In May 1942, those Jews who could work were deported to Brodetske, the rest - to Zvenyhorodka, and on June 18, 1942, they were executed together with local Jews.
Jews From This Town Are Also Known
To Be Buried In:   
Jews From This Town Are Also Known
To Be Buried Comments: 
Jewish Community Denomination/s:   
Notable Natives Of The Local Jewish Community:  Maria Yefimovna Kotliarova – an actress, poet, educator. She was born in Katerynopil' in 1918.
Additional Comments: 
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Collapse panel 3. Location, Markers, Access & Security
Description Of Cemetery Location:  suburban
Situated:  on flat land
Isolation Detail:   
Additional Details: 
Road / Entrance Sign:  No
Language Of Sign:   
Sign Text:   
Photo Of Sign: 
Identifiable Features On Sign:   
The Sign Mentions:   
Cemetery Entrance:   
Inscription On:   
Inscription Text: 
Cemetery Boundary:  no wall or fence
Additional Comments: 
Access:  open to all
The Cemetery Is Visited:   
Visited By:   
Current Owner Of Cemetery:  Local Municipality
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Collapse panel 4. Current Use / Condition Status / Cemetery Specific Characteristics
Collapse panel 5. Tombstones, Memorial Markers & Structures
Collapse panel 6. Burials Register
Collapse panel 7. Ecological Decay & Vandalism
Collapse panel 8. Maintenance & Restoration
Collapse panel 9. Protected Status
Collapse panel 10. Condition Report
Collapse panel 11. Details of Data Sources
Collapse panel 12. Additional Information

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